Dear Junkie Bitch at the nail salon today: You harshed the FUCK out of my mellow. Yeah my adrenaline was going when I was staring you in the face telling you how disrespectful you were being.

I have been going to that place for 2 years. It's my one fancy vice and I enjoy the fuck out of it. The ladies there are hard working, kind, and just plain rad. Not to mention savvy business women.

You made racial slurs, threw things on the ground, disrespected and swore at at a polite woman in her 60s who is trying to run an establishment. She was treating you respectfully even though you were at Defcon 1 bitch level.
And last but not least- wearing pink leggings as pants...I almost beat your ass.
Your're lucky I didn't because I know every single one of the ladies working there are deeply religious and it would have upset them greatly.
Stay the fuck out.

Oh. And they're Vietnamese, not Chinese, you shit-talking dumb racist bitch.