So you'd think that if you were drilling and hammering industrial sized machines into the concrete you'd do it during the day time, but not in my case. This message goes out to those inconsiderate bastards that have been doing so starting at 7:30 pm. What the fuck is your problem! The steps to my house are literally no more than fifty feet away from a monster sized hammer that makes my fucking house shake. Then comes the shovel, then the yelling. You motherfuckers work on the street directly in front of my house, you start setting up at 7, begin making noise at 7:30, and go until 10:15! what ever happened to no loud noises after 10? Actually, what ever happened to at least knocking at my door and letting me know you are going to keep my family up all night on a weekday! At least let me know you're an asshole before you make me live through this shit for 2 fucking weeks. And those huge white lights that shine toward my house don't help much either.Fuck you, your job is dumb, your orange vest is dumb, your helmet is dumb, your clipboard, your clothes, I hate you.F.O.A.D.!