I love porn. I love a variety of porn. In fact, I think I can name more types of porn I don't like than I do.

Since I'm a child of the Internet? That includes the most messed up genres you can imagine that aren't involving children or real animals. I've fapped to: furries, amputees, dickgirls, real dolls, orgies of all kinds, transgender of both kinds, girl on girl, guy on guy, robots, hentai, lacto, yaoi, bdsm, pterodactyls (it exists.)

One of the best? A guy fucking an ALF doll. Yes. An Alien Laugh Form.

What I can't get off to? Cream pies and farts. Even I have limits.

The real problem is, Internet porn ruined me for real sex. I have to imagine some pretty messed up things for me to get off.

None of those are actually fetishes for me. I don't need them. But I'm bored with anything that doesn't push my boundaries. And believe me, not that much out there anymore.