Hey, what is the story with that Rock N' Roll Boat on the Willamette? You know, the one with the pirate flag in the window and the sound of someone playing the drums inside? It has been there for months. It used to be docked off the east bank esplinard near good ol' Vera but now it has moved up river, closer to OMSI. There is another boat of equal Rockitude snuggled up next to it now. There is a dock (really just a big janky piece of wood) between them with some dingy bikes on it. I think someone is living on them and it sounds awesome! How do I get that gig? Do you need a permit? Or is it a 'living out of your car' type situation where you move it every now and then to avoid getting a ticket? They aren't docked, just anchored. Are these a new breed of Aquatic Hobos (Aquobos)? I must know! The mind reels!