Your ice cream is ok, I guess. I tried one of the amazingly! fascinating! and! delicious! flavors and it was damned nasty. I'm sure people only like this shit because they're supposed to because Oprah or someone told them it was good.

I'm glad businesses around the neighborhood are doing well. There are/were a lot of empty storefronts, so it's nice to see them filling up. But we have to talk about what you're attracting.

Since you're really fucking hyped up, you're getting a lot of people who also want to capitalize on it. And I am sick and fucking tired of wading through the seasonal homeless, canvassers and the million of customers you have lined out the damned door because your service is so slow and weird.

The icing on the cake? Last night the fucking busker playing her guitar at 11:00. I realize there's little you can do about this except CLOSE YOUR WINDOWS and serve people faster.

As for you busker? Next time you're getting the traditional rotten tomatoes thrown at your stupid ass. Some of us have jobs that aren't playing shitty Johnny Cash covers at 11:00pm. I was happy when I saw people just walking by you with nary a quarter to spare.