I choose to look the other way, when it comes to politics. I'm voting for Romney, and I'm sure a lot of you third party people can respect that. When people tell me that Bush invoked his Executive Privilege 6 times, I choose to ignore that fact and instead have a hissy over Obama doing it for the first time. If our country was attacked like 9/11 under Obama, I'd yell for impeachment, but when it happened under Bush, 9/11 more of a celebration of patriotism and he ain't to blame. When Bush started 2 wars off budget and burned through a surplus, I don't really care. But, when Obama inherited this deficit, he gets full blame for it. To me, the history of the United States started the day Obama took office. There is no cause and effect in my world... Obama is simply to blame. When billions went missing in Iraq under Bush's term: Meh. When Obama wants to, not raise taxes, but let the Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich simply expire, like they were always intended to do: He's a socialist and he's waging class warfare! I miss Bush and I look forward to a Romney presidency, because it wasn't Wall Street or the Banks that are to blame for this economy, it was school teachers and public workers. It's not demand that runs our economy, it's supply. No customers? No problem! Just give another tax break to corporations! No jobs? More money to the rich, so they'll create them! Damn, I totally get it and that's why I'm rolling with the RIght, yo.
Go Romney!