Fuck Off, Kid


Fat people make me sad. Fat people on bikes make me afraid, afraid for their safety. But in general, sadness.

Watching fat people eat junk food is like watching someone slowly kill themselves. "Like" in the sense of "is." It's really uncomfortable to see.

Of course, anybody with an ounce of maturity knows that telling a fat person to work out is only likely to make them fatter... unless EVERYONE tells them.

That would be a really interesting social experiment...
You were outside eating ice cream on a lunch break at work? That's a cry for help if ever there was one.
Damn, that was the WORST IA I've ever read.
Worst Beckett play ever.
Taking your bicycle with you on the MAX ≠ "I commute by bike", fatty.
Man, being accosted like that by random fuckheads. Had it been ME, i would've knocked the shit right outta him.
yeah, damosa -- reflexive and instant assault is always a reasonable way to go when someone says a few WORDS to you that you find disagreeable.....you're a good guy.
More honest DamosA:

"Had it been ME, i would've punched a restaurant window."
@ 8, i can see you're still obsessed with something that happened 4 years ago, that you only read about here, that you know only partially about. Kind of makes you a LOSER, don't it?

@ 7, and i take it you're enough of a coward that you'd just let some skinny punk talk mad shit to you without handing out any repercussions, eh? Clearly, you would not stand a change out in the streets!
hey, man! -- watch it!! -- i can 'stand a change out in the streets' no problem!!!.....now you're getting personal.....i can even sit a change, actually.....you have no idea.
I seriously question your ability to stand a change out in the streets!
I stand and change on the streets. Cuz I'm electric. And you're about to get shocked!