Men should be going down on woman more. Only then will equality between the sexes really prevail.

In mainstream media and in real life.

You're relationship would go much better if you were making your girlfriend orgasm regularly.

Life would be so much better if women were taught to be empowered and deserving of physical pleasure. It's the ultimate taboo in mainstream society.

Woman should think twice about dating a man whose unwilling to go down on them. A man who doesn't like pleasuring you without receiving any physical pleasure in return, is a sign of whole bunch of other issues.

Here's the basics to help some people out, Clit and g-spot stimulation PLUS (the biggest factor) imagination. That's right women need a story, an idea to hold onto.

It's mainly in our heads. We need to be thinking about something that turns us on for us to get off. Find out what that is, put it into her mind, and bam you're done. Your relationship will be better because of it.

Of course it can be a lot more complicated than this depending on what issues the woman is holding on to, insecurity, body issues, etc. But that's what relationships are there for, to help you open up about your sexual hangups.

Men should also be equally cautious of any women who doesn't want a man to go down on her. Anyone who doesn't want pleasure without giving something in return is lying. Or just thinks you suck at it.