As I walk through this town and see all the potholes, litter (especially at Tri-Met Bus stops) and City workers sitting on their asses, I gotta think to myself, "Where did we, as a country, go wrong?" When I turn on the radio, the people screaming are telling me Obama is a Muslim with no birth certificate and I am unable to think beyond these accusations. They're good enough for me, because they feed into my anger and ignorance. Sure, I've never seen a previous president's birth certificate, but whatever, Obama is not from here... he's from Kenya or someplace, I forget. Anyway, I think that we went wrong as a country when we forgot what made us great: unregulated business. Regulation suck, my friends and if you can't put your trust into a Corporation, then who can you? 2 wars off budget, tax breaks for the rich, huge subsidies for Corporations, deregulating the banks and Wall Street didn't create the turmoil our country is in. Public workers having pensions did. Unions did. Big Government did. I don't know the meaning of critical thinking and I rarely go beyond what I hear. I like soundbites and talking points, they condense what I'm feeling into a bumper sticker, which I have many of. And what I am feeling is that we need to let our corporate masters finally have the freedom to pay us what they want, and to conduct themselves in any way they see fit. I say we privatize EVERYTHING! It will be such a paradise, this new America, Inc.