Does your band need to practice every night? Really? You know what would be a great place to do that? In a rented practice somewhere in an industrial area, or maybe in a basement, ideally with some soundproofing. You know where you really shouldn't practice every night? In your very poorly insulated duplex's living room, blaring your banal post-emo blues rock unto your neighbors homes and yards.

I get that you guys have pretty open schedules and wanna rock all the time, you're in your salad days, shitting in the tall cotton, etc. Great, I'm happy for you, rock the fuck on, SOMEWHERE ELSE. Those of us saddled with adult schedules and lives not centered around your band would prefer to live said lives without the bland rumble of your beige rock filtering into our homes at 10:30pm every weeknight. It was fine when you practiced occasionally, but now it's like you're getting ready for the goddamn olympics. Go the fuck on tour already! Make some money and rent a practice space.

I'd come over and talk to you about it, but I suck it up, because honestly I've probably annoyed scads of neighbors with my own (occasional) household noisemaking over the years, and this is just my shitty karma (same probably goes for other old-rock-dudes on the block—we're too guilty to say shit).

But if you read this: no matter how great you (think you) are, if you rock without consideration for your neighbors, they will loathe you. And your bad noise karma will accumulate...