Dear protesters,

I've seen you. For months, beginning with the Occupy protests, and continuing with the vigil outside of City Hall, I have seen you. I have read your messages. I have discussed, with some of you, the issues that you care about. Now, what more do you want? Are you under the impression that you are changing minds any further? If you were continuing to make a spectacle of yourself, then I would at least believe that you are raising awareness. Instead, you have completely faded into the background. I realized today that I now pay exactly as much attention to the front of City Hall as I did before you were there. I can't remember the last time (before today) that I thought about you or any of the issues that are important to you. I don't particularly care if you stay where you are, or if you disperse into the night. I just thought that you might want to know that you have completely lost my attention. I am also a little curious as to why you chose to continue.