I get that you just got that motorcycle, I get that you're worried about it, I get that it would totally suck if it were damaged. Of course you're stressed. The thing is, that's what insurance is for.
My middle-aged mom accidentally knocked your motorcycle over while she was backing up. She immediately got out of the car, contrite and prepared to resolve the issue. You however, were an absolute asshole. When she asked if everything was ok, you curtly said "No," making a production out of trying to start it. When she offered her insurance information, you were too busy buffing potential scuffs (?!) out of your fucking motorcycle to take it from her hand. Then you wanted to call the cops? What the fuck? You wouldn't even give her your information.
You'd think with your new bike and your super trendy "tough guy" tattoos you're trying to be a man. So why were you being such a fucking baby? Nut up, take it to a shop, and any damages will be paid for. Instead you sulked and attempted to bully my fifty one year old mom. Like a little bitch.