I normally don't talk to other people while I'm riding the bus, let alone get hit on or eye fuck people. You went ahead and cut to the chase, gave me your card because you where getting off soon.
I commend you for being so straight forward ( you didn't have to apologize for that ) and telling me I was your type, you are my type as well. You looked like a straight RuPaul ( out of drag ) which is super hot. I have a crush on RuPaul but the likelihood of things materializing are never. I actually had a dream a week ago about RuPaul in a cowboy hat (out of drag ) bumping and grinding up against me it was a nice wet dream of sorts. RuPaul is very hot in drag and out by the way.
Sorry I didn't give you my name I don't want to put my self out there because I'm hung up on someone that doesn't love me. I just can't get the death grip of mental angst out of my system. I'm engrossed with thoughts of them, that the thought of not being with them is heart breaking.
I can't believe you thought I was hot, I was trying to be incognito tonight with my nerdy glasses and Sherlock Homes inspired hat.Thank you for making me feel like I'm attractive. I think what drew you in my was my cyclist buttocks, yes it's quite erotic. Whatever it was I might call you up for a coffee, but I probably won't.
Now if only I could get someone that looks like Bradly Wiggins to have to hots for me while riding my bicycle that would be more up to my speed/element. I am a bit more erotic while riding the line.