I used to get coffee at my work's lobby cafe every day - but the people are rude and they charge $4.75 for a 12oz mocha. Absolute bullshit. I decided to try out the AM/PM by my bus stop. I LOVED IT! Coffee's like $2 and the guy behind the counter always sings to me in Spanish.
Well, I've noticed in the past 2-3wks that AM/PM isn't as awesome as I once thought; my debit card has been denied a few times (when I have money in my account) and they make me use the ATM in the store. I get charged $4 to take out $20. I finally called their bullshit. I refused to use their ATM and opted to cross the street and get cash back at Safeway at no charge. Also, when I go to pour my coffee drink and it's watered down or the machine that gives me different "flavors" is on the fritz, I let the guy behind the counter know but he tries to charge me for the cup... where the hell can a girl go for a cup of coffee (and fuck you, I will not make it at home because I'm not that capable), that won't charge me $4 for a small mocha?