All Pleasantries Aside...


Did you save those pics? Can you send to me? You wouldn't be angry if I masturbated to them, would you?
If you were unable to please your boyfriend you don't get to go around blaming other women for your own shortcomings. If you picked a scummy boyfriend then you don't get to go around blaming other women. Take some responsibility for your situation instead of playing the victim.
" were the reason we broke up."


Sounds like you and your ex were into different things and he found someone else. The fact that he went ahead and married this person has got to ding the old self-esteem quite a bit. You could be a grownup about it and move on with your life, hopefully having leaned something from the experience, or your could write some whinny, butt-hurt rant about it on an anonymous forum.
disastronaut: I don't this person is saying that their ex married the girl in the heels but that this indiscretion took place while she was still him, and the other girl was married to someone else.
Wow, holy typos Batman! I think you get the gist.
Don't sweat it Kay_B, it didn't came across embarrassing on behalf of others or simply avoidable at all costs as a person. Or out of place in the environment we are in.

Now I understand why it seems the only friends this I,A has are all rat faced.
Excuse my confusion... He was fucking around on you, trading pics and ended up marrying the mistress. So he was fucking you and her at the same time; she knew this and still married him AND she is a sexy pic trading minx.

He wins.
Share the high heel photos, we love those.
If you take that last line out of the story or misread it as it appears I must have the tale is quite different.