Three Times is Belligerence


Even as a bicyclist who hates drivers (especially the obese ones who can't seem to operate a car unless they're simultaneously eating fast food) this is a boring letter. Shitty drivers are everywhere, and there's nothing really spectacular about what happened here which leads me to believe you're either new to riding or you simply lead a very dull life.
Indeed. Not a day goes by where I am required to take drastic action to avoid being hit, right-hooked or otherwise injured by inattentive/distracted drivers. If you are not constantly in fear for your life you obviously are not paying attention.

This I, Anon would definitely be a mild day of riding for me.

*where I am NOT required.
People need to graduate from "I was gonna..." to "Sorry judge, but the fucker hit me with his truck and I lost it. Did they ever remove my boot from his colon?"

Rectum? Damn near killed him.
You're just lucky the guy didn't took out his Monster Truck for a drive. Boring complaints.
Wait, I thought Mr. Smith was on vacation....
Hey I got screamed at as a pedestrian in that very same Fred Meyer's parking lot just the other day, whoo boy what a coincidence!