Thank You for a New Experience


1) Learn to patch a tube, it will be far less than $4
2) What the hell are all you people doing to get into these confrontations. I ride everyday and have never needed to u-lock someones car (though I've always wanted to).
3) I believe we may need another moratorium on biking posts. They bore me...
Nobody *needs* to ulock a car, it simply feels good within, like donating to the poor.
The writer sounds like a asshole to me.
What caused the driver to freak out anyway?
Not that her actions- at least as described- are justified either.
But c'mon now.
You echo my sentiment, Glitch.

Was the u-lock used while in transit, or did IA follow them until they parked?
As I get older the urge to retaliate against dangerous drivers has begin to wane. I used to think the only way to get through to these idiots was to physically damage their property. You run me into a parked car, right-hook me or generally put my life in danger with your driving = broken taillights and side mirrors for you. Cause and effect.

I've been put in the hospital a few times by drivers who don't pay attention, and every one of the instances the driver fled the scene of the accident. I don't ride any different, I still assume ever car out there is out to kill me. The moment you start feeling safe sharing the road with cars is usually the moment something bad happens. It's best to pretend no one behind the wheel of a vehicle can see you and you should base all your decisions on that assumption.
This is one of those stories that I would love to hear the other side of.
On the other hand, when you're riding down an arterial street with a designated bike street less than three blocks away, I want to hand you a bike map. Alas, I can't order more than a handful at a time from the city and that won't last one weekday commute down Cesar Chavez.
What I was thinking, CD. Unless one yearns to be seen riding a bike down Belmont, Hawthorne or Division when a mostly car-free, pleasant residential street beckons just a block or two away, I see no reason to be be biking on these streets---unless a confrontation is just another badge of honor for the "One Less Car" crew. And anyone wearing said shirt and riding around needs their smug ass whipped. Ridiculous, unnecessary bullshit.
You need a new blog: true crime confessions. Put it in print. Maybe it could sell next to Busted!
Thanks for the great story; I,A!
I always wanted to do this, but sadly all the people who endangered my life sped off too soon.
Was this a late twenties/early thirties hippyish woman in an older car? I had a run-in in that area with a woman who screamed something along the lines of "FUCK YOU BITCH, [SOME IRATE AND TOTALLY UNJUSTIFIED SHIT I COULDN'T MAKE OUT]!" as she was cutting me off/almost hitting me with an illegal left turn. I'm used to drivers trying to kill me in an absent minded or generally assholeish way, but this was some crazy and completely unwarranted road rage that I've never encountered before in that (my) neighborhood. The screaming startled me way more than the almost getting killed.