Dirty Ass Motorcycle Rider on NE 15th


I've never understood all the anger at people who ride bikes and motorcycles like idiots and endanger their own lives. I say, operate your vehicle normally, and if some moron wants to commit suicide on your bumper, let them. Remember, even if the other guy dies in the accident, if it was his fault, then his insurance company will cover the damage to your car. In other words, all is well.
@ torgo:

i have to assume that you're being at least slightly saracastic, as your comments here are almost always well-thought-out and logical.....

first off: they might not have insurance.

secondly: their fault or not, having someone's blood on your hood and/or windshield can't be that fun of a time. plus, it might not be as clear as it should be as to whose fault the accident really was, and then you're in for a very stressful investigation at the very least -- and what if there weren't any witnesses? or only biased ones?

thirdly: while bicycles certainly don't present much of a physical danger to those sitting in a car, motorcycles do -- they are fast enough and heavy enough (and flammable enough) to do plenty of damage to someone in a car.

lastly: it's a natural reflex to avoid a perceived collision, so if one these idiot bicyclists/motorcyclists pulls a numb-nutted move, the car driver might, wisely or not, accidentally cause another collision with another vehicle/ped/whatever by veering or suddenly braking to avoid the first.

conclusion: assholes who don't drive/ride safely and considerately (regardless of whether they're operating a bicycle, motorcycle, hummer, or prius) are extremely dangerous and should be punished severely -- i just hope that it doesn't happen on my bumper.
"Scrapes up your arm"? You're a real sick fuck. You must worship the devil.

You make a lot of good points. While I don't know if "sarcasm" exactly describes my comment, I was feeling a bit cheeky, and I don't fully mean what I posted. I've spent a lot of time riding bikes and motorcycles, and in my early 20s I was one of those assholes who thought that any space I could fit through was a "lane." I remember doing it knowing full well the danger that I posed to myself and others. Sadly, sometimes my regret of my own poor decisions manifests as a lack of sympathy for others making those same poor decisions.

While the acolyte and the non-believer may disagree, the acolyte and the apostate are destined to be mortal enemies.
@ torgo:

well said, as usual.

just making sure.

(and, i didn't say 'sarcastic', i said 'saracastic', which, i would assume, means something different entirely.)
They should be "severely punished"? Are we speaking flagellation here? I think we should use barbed ends for the drivers who take so long to get moving at intersections.
i was thinking more along the lines of vasectomies/tubal ligations.

and compulsory relocation to gresham or troutdale.
Yeah, barded wires and super sized peppermint sprays that comes into the cars of peoples, butt head, hehehe. For the drivers who take so long to get moving at intersections. What a plague.

I wanted pizza and I wrote this piece of comment and now the establishment phone is busy, CONFLICTARTIST. You have to go and ruin everything.
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