Attn: PDX Women


Have you actually been to "PDX," or do you judge the city solely on 23rd or Hawthorne? Maybe visit other parts of Portland and you might have better luck. Snore...
If you actually have a girlfriend like you claim to have; then why do you care how the women of Portland act? Ohhh I get it; you were trying to get some strange and no one would fuck you. No wonder you're pissed! Maybe it's not them that's the problem; maybe it's you.
Rather than a moratorium, can there just a be a ban on I,As from men that complain about how women look? They seriously do not need another forum to enforce their views that women only exist for the pleasure of looking at them! Same can go for girls bitching about dudes with beards, I don't care, but fuuuuuccckkkk, reading about how the women of Portland are not hot is past the point of being offensive, it's just pathetic.
^ Seriously.

About you Prince Charming, I suspect it has less to do with the women and more to do with you being an asshole. Here's the thing, if you're a dick, women won't talk to you.
This old chestnut again? The.Red Robin part confuses me.
Also, who the hell needs a shitty boyfriend when you have beer and pot?!
I actually agree with chico here. Why the fuck do you care about what other women think if you have one?

Portland women are really easy to figure out. All you have to do is balance humor with being someone who has his shit together and you will pull tail all day long. It really doesn't matter much what you look like because I've seen some cuties with some fucking bearded hipsters that look like Paul Allen fucked Caleb Followill and somehow they bore thousands of adult-sized children.

It also helps to have a big dick.
Oh look, it's this I,A again.
Ugh, so many ridiculous things here. I see a lot of beautiful ladies in this city. But alas, beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

I wonder what kind of winner you snatched up, seeing as how you are a shallow asshole idiot boy. I would love to hear what she's like.
Yeah, me too, do you hear MEEE!!!
It may be Red Robin today but she'll be dragging you to Higgins before you know it. Get out now!
Quit complaining and be more proactive
The last date I went on, the girl who was a half hour late, dressed like a '70s librarian. She told me about her Mormon roommate, how she's been here for two years and how this was the biggest city she'd ever been to.
A girl I was on a date with not long before that told me, while we were out, she needed to "changer her tampon." Then offered me $10 to give her a ride to her place on 82nd.
There is a reason they call it Porkland. Class up the ass.
Show me an interesting, decent looking woman (and I don't mean hot cause that would be unrealistic) without a major attitude problem, cigarette/pill addiction, cheesy tattoo, ex husband, kids and an STD.
But dismiss all that, cause any guy that has anything to say about ANY of the girls here must be a shallow, sexist asshole only interested in a woman's looks.
Oh good. You attracted MRAs. Why don't we just start putting on the diapers right now?
I like my girlfriend from the burbs too, but I disagree with every other thing stated in this post.
I snagged a lady from Kelso and every Friday night we get all gussied up and drive our matching GMC Jimmys on down to Sheri's for some Freedom Fries n' Pie Allah Mode.
That's hot, Chunty.
This rant is ridiculous. Fine, there are women in PDX that have zero style and aren't approachable. Isn't that the case in every fucking city? Move. Or shower your current awesome girlfriend with love and affection.

I have the most amazingly beautiful, fun loving, warm hearted girlfriends - all of which live in Portland. Sorry about your luck, dude. How do you think I feel? I just read your super shitty, shallow rant and now feel like ranting that there are only douche bag guys in the city. But that would be silly, since this town is chalked full of thoughtful, kind, studly dudes.

I don't want to cast a bad review for the entire city based off of one guy that can't seem to accept the reality (and irony) he's hitting up Red Robins and pot-head hang outs looking for hot chicks! Derp.
Portland ladies (and gentlemen) by and large dress better than the other three disparate places in the country I've lived. Sure, you have smelly people with clothes that have all gone the same color as the ground they sit on, but overall PDX peeps dress really cute.

To all the Portlanders representing out there: You make me want to dress like a better man.
I don't want to stop smoking pot. Or eat at Red Robin. Enjoy the burbs...maybe stay there? Because I see so many attractive people (not just ladies) in this town that sometimes I feel like I'm gonna get whiplash.
Oh, and what Helevent said.
Oh calm down "Poor Bastard". Not liking someone because their personality does not appeal to you is not the issue (because what better reason to dislike someone?!) The issue is the fact that this particular poster seems to focus more on looks than anything. Thus getting such reactions like calling them "shallow", etc.
Okay, here is the real deal with "stuck up" girls who won't give you the time of day: UNATTRACTIVE PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO FUCK YOU EITHER. A girl doesn't have to be a supermodel to not want your ass! Chances are your personality is to blame.

But seriously, you don't have to be very attractive to spend way too much of your life being harassed by strange men. It's not flattering, especially when you witness a dude cat call another girl ten seconds before he tries the same thing on you. Maybe if more dudes would lay off on the buckshot technique (i.e. hitting on anything with a twat because eventually SOMEONE will be desperate enough) then women wouldn't have to keep their blinders on at all times. Try and understand that when you're constantly borderline stalked by people who are bigger and stronger than you, it kind of sours you on the whole dealing with strange men concept. Especially once some dude with the OP's sense of entitlement has physically threatened you upon being rejected.

Get over it and learn to be less of a dick.
Do you get a residual for pimping Red Robin?