Does Portland Need a New Sign for This?


No Iron Maiden shirt?
Wow. That's pretty gross.
Sounds like you made it up, too.
Hey, I wrote that, I hacked into kay_b's account, hahaha!!!
"Hurking"? "Duke?" I just don't grok the fresh lingo.
Thinking that adopting a vegan diet and riding a bike instead of driving constitutes "footloose and fancy free" pretty much disqualifies you from ever passing judgment on anyone, no matter how disgusting or deplorable their behavior.
Leaky, while your hard-on for me is fascinating, there is no point in hacking in to anyone's account just to make an ANONYMOUS post.
Yeah, that was exactly MY point. Fank You very much. If you had a more interesting posting history it might be worth it but it's not. It's tropical trash. Anitta Hill might be the only one interested in reading them.

What is this "hard on" you're talking about? You find it fascinating?

man, seem to be fading a bit lately -- you alright?
Yeah, I need to make my statements more incisive.
What does "tropical trash" consist of?
Google it.
The emphasis was on the fact that mother and daughter were talking and that's a start.
I'm pretty sure you mean "topical". And in that case, yes, my comments ARE topical. That's kind of the point.
Yeeeeah, no.
Oh Anonymous, in Portland if you have even the barest of expectations of anyone, it means you are "uptight" and should "move to Hillsboro." Shitting in the middle of the park is just "keeping it weird."

In Portland, the mayor can admit days after his election that he lied about seducing a 17 year old kid, and if that bothers you in your highest elected official, it is only because you are a homophobe. If you don't like drunken teens smoking pot on your lawn during Last Thursday, it is because you "need to relax." If you wonder aloud why we can't pave streets for the next five years while building a very expensive streetcar down a route no one uses, you should probably (you guessed it) "move to Hillsboro."

In all seriousness, Portland is full of assholes now. Liberals think they are incapable of being assholes, which is why no one seems to recognize it in themselves.
Except I still maintain this didn't actually happen, Blabby.

And H.I.T.: he's always been like that.
They should call this move The Montesori Deuce.
The Waldorf Salad...