Leash Laws...AGAIN!!


I hate dogs, and rarely pass up an opportunity to point that out, and/or to criticize those worthless beasts and their insipid owners.

However, your poorly written and barely intelligible tale of losing your dog is strangely, authentically touching to me. I find that its ineptitude lends it a certain kind of compellingly emotional charge.

That said, you have my sincerest condolences. I really am sorry for your loss.
But my dog is so friendly and nice and I took him on Phish tour and everyone loved him. I mean, like right now, he's only a few blocks ahead of me; I can almost see what he's up to. He'd never react poorly upon encountering a unfamiliar animal, and hey he's a big dog so what could hurt him, really? I just had him outfitted in his very own whitewater kayak. He's such a smart dog.
I am sorry for your loss. I can only imagine how I would feel in your situation. I hope you continue beyond this post to be an advocate for dogs & the necessity of leases. Spreading the word won't bring her back but it will save lives & probably help with the guilt you feel.
You're an asshole. I owned a rottweiler most of my life and I NEVER left the house with her off leash. You people think just because your dog isn't a guard dog that you can do whatever the fuck you want.