Dearest "Plus" Sizes


Wow, what a whiny bit of skinny privilege. Shut up you hack.
Welcome to I, Anonymous. The beatings will continue until morale improves.
So, here's the thing about generalizing about people...Don't do it. Okay.
First comment proves the point of the writer.
Fat Girl Problems.
I would like to coin a new and relevant term pertaining to those who consume more calories that their body requires. This practice shall now be known as "calorie sequestration" rather than overeating.

You're welcome, fatties.
portland corpulence is fucking disgusting. Doesn't matter how black-n-campy you dress. stay skinny, IA.
I don't listen to any fat person until they take a shower. The smell of yeast and dirty butt-cracks is too overwhelming. All of that calorie sequestration flopping about and without the proportionate arm length to just reach a hand in that crack and clean it out. Shit streaks on every pair of pants and underwear they own. Those are real problems I,A.
What gets me is that after high school, it's generally considered to be taboo to make cruel comments to fat people about their size. Not saying it doesn't still happen and that you weren't horribly mortified as a child, but in the adult world it's WAY more acceptable to comment on the bodies of skinny people. I'm chronically underweight due to medical problems, so telling me to eat a sandwich isn't going to help. I eat lots of sandwiches, and lots of other fatty foods that I'm sure I'd be called a skinny bitch for pointing out. If you hate me for being skinny, just silently gloat in the knowledge that I will likely die younger because I can't get up to a healthy weight. Just leave me alone to get on with my bony little life. I'm too busy cramming calories down my throat to deal with your double standards.

Hate your hearts out, trolls.
Thank you skinnybitch for that amazing comment.

If I were to walk up to bigger sized person and call them a mean name, like "You fucking fat lazy bitch." I'd be crucified by them, and people in ear distance. But it is okay for the person who first commented to call "skinny" people names.

Always gotta love the double standards.
Yo mama's so fat she needs cheat codes for Wii Fit.
yo mamas so fat, Diabetes is gonna kill her before the age of fifty
My penis has a fantastic body image. FYI "skinny" girls, I love you. Call me.
You need to go visit a therapist. Why should a skinny girl ever be afraid of a fat girl? You can for one thing always outrun the fat girl. Unless you're insanely unhealthy skinny.
Your mama so fat, when she sits on a dime, two nickels pop out.