You Stole My Kid's Bike


Two weeks and he's still on training wheels? He deserves to lose it.
where the hell was this? morbid curiosity.
What a dick. I'm so sorry this happened to your kid.
Fuckin Dwarves.
I laughed, I cried, and in the end, I shrugged and said, "what do you expect in a town full of junkies?"
Keep a lookout on craigslist and Ebay. You might be able to catch the rat.
I'd invest it a better lock next time, personally. Especially if you used some $5 cable lock you got for free when you bought the bike. Not that not properly securing your child's bike absolves the thief of any wrong doing mind you. It's just when you use a lock that can easily be cut with common pruning shears you really aren't taking security all that seriously in the first place.
I just bought a ulock to go with the bike bought by donations. It was a 20.00 cable lock but at the time I was sure no one would steal a little kids bike. Lesson learned. Oh yeah it was on E 8th and burnside.
East 8th and Burnside? Well there's your problem. Check that shitty hotel/hipsteraunt/douchebar right there. Long gone are the days when all you had to worry about on 8th and E Bside was a walking dead sized crowd of hookers.