Dumping on Grandma


Hey asshole,

A more decent grandchild would build her a fucking fence.
She has a fence, thank you very much. They are dumping it on the property around the fence at night.
Have you tried murder? I'll bet that clears up the problem. Just put a couple of hobo heads on pikes around the yard, and they'll leave her alone.
Prescriptions out of her medicine cabinet? No, I'm pretty sure that was Cousin Jerry.
To Geoliquor: way to blame the victim. If she didn't have a fence, then they would have no right to complain, is that what you're saying? WTF? Fences ain't free, ya know.
I never understand why people do this. How hard is it to put the tailgate down and drive real fast on I-5? Seriously, the shit just sort of takes care of itself at those speeds.
to gofigure: i didn't blame the "victim". I blamed the grandchild.
And if it were my gramma, I'd spend more time over there helping her, instead of pussing out here.
I would charge you less than $200.00 to dump on your grandma. Senior discount and it is hard to find an older woman who is in to that sort of thing. Chili dogging will put us at about an even $200.
Is your grandmother attractive? Are you attracted to her? Are these really loads waste or wasted loads?
It's your grandmother's fault for gentrifying the neighborhood. Go back to the Pearl where you belong!