Equality, My Arse


Where the fuck have you been for the last 40 years?
Yes, make demands from the government then feign outrage when they require something on your part in return. OH THE HUMANITY!
I recall registration for selective service was done through the mail.
true, though -- women should have to register, too.....equal rights and equal responsibilities.

however, i'm willing to continue giving the ladies a pass until we're completely up to snuff in the couple of arenas where they still haven't gotten their due, like in wages, representation in congress, etc.
Also, I seem to remember that the draft went bye-bye in the late '80's. God knows I could be completely wrong, though.
Your son waited until his loans were denied before figuring this out? Maybe he's not really college material.
When an armada from the Turks and Caicos Islands lands an invasion force at Cannon Beach you'll be singing a different tune! We'll be tallying their bananas until daylight comes and we want to go home.
So, you think your son is so fucking special that he doesn't have to engage in the slightest risk, yet derive all the benefits from living in this country? Does he shit 1 Oz. America Eagles or something? Student loans are now financed by the Govt, meaning taxpayer money, meaning *my* money. I spent four years in the Marines (and 30 months in the mideast) earning my college money, so Fuck You too. Your little proto-hipster isn't special. Although I do feel for him, it must be tough going through life with such a candy-assed, douche nozzel for a parent.
How does someone not know this? Also, there is no draft and it is highly unlikely there will ever be another as long as poor desperate kids and idiots like me volunteer. Yes, I went to college. I also earned my money. Student loans are a scam. For the record I am not in favor of a draft at all
"I checked into it and yep, men over 18 are not only required by law to register with the SS, but if they don't, they'll be denied school loans and government jobs."

You seriously have to be the only person in the US that is unaware of the Selective Service obligations of 18-year-old males in this country. This shit has been around in one form or another for almost 100 years. I registered for Selective Services on my 18th birthday, just like every adult male does in this country. Your ignorance of so basic of a requirement can only be the tip of an iceberg-sized level of ignorance you must be in possession of.

You know women and minorities can vote now, don't you? Not sure how deep your well of ignorance goes, so, just in case. You're welcome.
This just in: I, Anon uncovers other hitherto unknown facts like: water is wet, the sun is bright, and people aren't always kind to those exhibiting signs of advanced stupidity.
Zero sypathy. If it was up to me, we would have 100% conscription. Selective service registration is the least you can do.
I am going to guess, Anon, that you are also the type of person that refuses to participate in voting, or activism of any kind. If you don't like something about our country you should participate in the Democratic process. Who knows, maybe it would teach your son something about being proactive. He does also know that college classes have been in session for a few weeks, right?
the human torch was denied a bank loan
Women are more protected and have more rights in this society than men. Your feminist views are outdated at least in this country. Everyone should have to sign up for the SS. Protecting women from the draft is the embodiment of the patriarchy. OMG PROTECT WOMEN AT ALL COSTS. Men? Oh they can die.
No guts, no glory.
Ok as you all know i haven't been here for a while now (mostly b/c unlike most of YOU losers, i actually have a life 'n shit).

How fucking ever, a good friend of mine who lurks IA on occasion brought this thread to my attention and informed me that me wisdom was desperately needed. MAN, was she right!

Let me just say that pretty much ALL of you are DUMB FUCKING ASSHOLES... for one. Alot of folks actually aren't aware of SS nor the so-called "need" to register for this govt. bullshit. And SS IS bullshit b/c it's basically a way for the govt. to fuck with people. And the fact that the govt. ties this bullshit (along with minor drug convictions) into whether or not someone gets a fucking goddamned loan is EXACTLY the govt. fucking with people! And the fact that SS is out-dated by decades is proof of the govt. fucking with people.

And that you pseudo right-wing dumbfuck losers have completely missed the point that these are LOANS (as in, money you HAVE to pay back, which you grovelling dumbfucks clearly did not get) we're talking about just shows how truly fucking daft yall really are, and that this place only gets dumb as shit when i'm not here to keep things in order. And that you assholes fail to get just how fucked up it is that women aren't required ti register for SS (Heil Hitler?) also goes to prove that Portland is full of misogynist dumbfucks who really don't give a damn about equality.

IA is totally spot the fuck on. Human-in-training has a good point as well. The REST of you miserable jerkoffs can all go FUCK YOURSELVES! Yall love this miserable, rotten-ass slaughter-house of a country soo goddamned much, why don't you all go to the nearest Walmart, but a made-in-china American flag, stick it right up your ass, then head to the nearest recruitment office a SIGN THE FUCK UP!
Whoa, probably should lay off the sauce there Cliffy!
Speaking of LOSERS, look who shows up right on que.
Welcome back old chum. I see you bought an iPhone......
I've been had one, fucker. I even replaced the one the FBI stole just a day later. What?
Yeah, you've been had alright....
Like your mother?
DamosA you're the dumbest fucker on this thread.
Indeed, the draft is slavery pure and simple. However, the idea that women should have to register, too, is specious - that's like saying that instead of ending slavery in the south, the US should have made white people into slaves, too.

Freedom and equality are not contradictory goals, and there is no need to play them against each other.

I was required to register in 1982 and ran into the same BS for refusing to do so.

At the time, I was a life-long resident of Ohio (with family going back at least two generations); Ohio punishes non-registrants by denying all scholarships, and even in-state tuition. In my case, I was fired from several jobs.

Thirty years later I consider it to be the best decision I ever made, and I'm quite proud of the whole outcome. Telling the US govt to go to hell just takes spine, but it must be done. Going from a very, very poor family to a fairly well-off person despite the barriers such as the one your son just encountered, that takes some effort!

Of course, one of the perks of not registering is not having all that student debt! Some people I know from college are *still* paying-off those loans.

Some ideas for your son... there are organizations that attempt to help out draft registration resisters, it will take some Googling, but they are out there. There is also the option of moving to another state.

Another thing to consider is this: the quality of private universities is overall far better than their state-ran counterparts. Also, the private/public price difference is no longer that great.