North Albina PIGS


If it smells like bacon I'll drive by this morning.
Unemployed hippie kids live in Portland? And not only that but they eat meals out of CUPS? You should be even MORE mad! PS Welcome to Portland, where unemployed hippie kids exist. Lots of them.
you just wanted to say, 'layabouts' in a sentence.
You can report illegal dumping. Nobody wants your bed-bug mattress, people, stop leaving it outside.…

(There was another thread about hooligans dumping stuff on their G-ma's property, which the link is pertinent to).
I know that house... and they're not "hippies", as Arenit suggests. They're something else, but not hippies. Yeah, I guess PIGS would pretty much describe them.
Hey man, you can't spange around america's railways forever. Gotta settle down sometime. By the time you hit 22 or 23 it's time to get a nice little retirement flop in one of those cheap neighborhoods-- you know, the kind that were sketchy in the early 1980s, before you were born. It will certainly make it easier for the postman to deliver your trust fund checks.
It could be worse.

They could be clowns.
Welcome to NOPO...fabulous, innit it?
I love how merc commenters oscillate between bitching about the suburbs and bitching about their "more PDX than thou" in-town neighbors/loud cafe racer coffee shops/trash dumping neighbors-- that completely fuck things up.

take the bad of living "in town" with the good, and SHUT THE FUCK UP. you chose to live there.
When I read the title I was worried this was about my house, thankfully, it wasn't.
When a city cleans up, it dies.

-Henry Chinaski

Yes, yes it is. Just as long as they don't migrate to Roseway and beyond, it sure is fabulous!
I totally know that house, those guys are so sweet! They always play with my kid when he's running around the sidewalk. They totally brighten my day. If any of you are reading this who live in the house by Sweedeedee, never change!
I, Anon, are you passing judgement?
I just want to know how Anon can tell they aren't showering. Does he(this kind of writing is almost always male)walk up real close to these people and cop a sniff on a regular basis? If so, they could probably bust him for trespassing(and Anon could also send a very interesting letter to Dan Savage if he's beginning to get aroused by the pig-whiffing).
This rant is actually a little amusing when you read it to the tune of "House of the Rising Sun" by the Animals:

There is a house on North Albina,
Where a bunch of fucking pigs live.
I'm not talking the farm kind,
I'm talking the trustfundbabywannabeedgyehitekid kind...
I know this house. I didn't have an opinion on the occupants until I saw a few of them get super indignant towards a local bar owner one night when he informed them that they couldn't BYOB on his bars patio. That coupled with the pile of junk and mattress episode last week has really soured me on that group of people.
Obviously you are new to pdx.
You know who lived in that neighborhood before all the yuppie scum? Gutter punks, bike kids, and Respectable families that had been there for generations before all the gentrification. If you don't like Portlands colorful under belly go back to Cali or where life is clean, boring and where culture exists in strip malls. There is enough room for everyone in Pdx even if they do smell bad!
so your all proud of Portland, just not all the people in it, sounds like you need to find a new home and location, with no one around. there's plenty of gentrified towns in the USA for people like you because they were all stolen from people like me!!! Its much easier to change yourself then to try to change others and that goes for you lifestyle as well. just like the rule goes in America if ya don't like it, get the fuck out!!!