Dear soccer moms, little league dads, all other caretakers speeding maniacally through neighborhoods: STOP. I won't rail at you for making the streets dangerous momentarily (although you are) - I want you to slow the hell down because you're teaching your passengers that the way to get to school/practice/lessons on time is to make the trip faster with the magical wave of a gas pedal. As you fret your way through traffic, your kids are picking up that "if I hit the lights right..." logic and being led to believe that you can time-travel your way across town. (Nevermind that that drive always, always, except for 2am on a Tuesday, takes 20 minutes.) Treating travel time as a compressible thing is making you drive like an asshole, and, more dangerously, training your kids to pre-drive like assholes. So slow down already. Future generations, as well as the people of today (on foot, on bike, in car), thank you. (Next time you're tempted to fly down a sidestreet, imagine how late you're going to be when you finally strike someone with your minivan time machine.)