Sorry, Miss Daisy


I think if someone is repeatedly asking you for a ride, it's totally ok to ask for a few bucks in gas money (or say no). But if they're your friend and you aren't going out of your way at all for them, why does it bother you?
Agreed. Though this primarily bothers me when the ride requests happen to come out of the same mouths as aren't-I-snazzy-for-being-car-free sermons do. You're not better than me for not having a car when you still rely on one, namely mine. You're a mooch. It's a lot more awkward asking friends for gas money than you might think. Especially friend's who have adopted the "I'm broke" mantra. Yeah, so am I.
When you don't have a car, get a girlfriend with one. Then they can't say no. Booyah!
Try smoking whenever you drive. Even if it doesn't drive your passengers away, it'll at least shorten your miserable life.
As a non-car owner, I never ask for rides unless it's an.... actual taxi. Otherwise it's train, bus, bike, or walk.

no all of us carless people are leaches on those who do.
This is one of my greatest fears. I gave up my car in 2004. I did it because I wanted to use my available funds for other things (beers, mostly). To compensate, I moved downtown, bought a bus pass, a bike, and a Zipcar membership. For the most part, I haven't relied on other's cars. I offer your friend my three rules for a car-free life:

1. If the driver is going to make the exact trip whether you ride or not, it is okay to ask to join them. This does not include asking them to go out of their way, at all. Also, this does not include asking them to adjust their schedule.

2. Except in the case of Rule #1, never ask for rides unless the trip is extremely important AND it is literally impossible for you to get there otherwise.

3. In all cases, if you get in someone's car, offer them money. Cover the cost of the ride if you can. If you can't cover the cost of the ride, offer them what you can. This at least tells the driver that you understand that they are doing you a favor, and that it is not free for them.

These rules are just my own. When I buy a car in the next year or so, I won't expect others to live by them. But, they have served me well for almost a decade. I am fairly certain that none of my friends resent my transportation arrangement.
IA, i think you have lousy friends and you're projecting onto everyone else.

I'm interested in the "offer them other things" deal that you speak of. That could really take the edge off of hauling friends around.
@jake, no doubt. I don't own a vehicle currently and I would never ask for a ride. If someone offers, I will try and compensate them in some fashion. If they decline it, so be it. I have given many people including strangers a ride and it doesn't bother me in the least. I would not be too crazy about someone expecting you to ferry them around however. I am not a fucking butler or driver. Most people don't have a car because they lack money or because they live/shop/work in a small area. Or due to legal reasons. I understand not driving if you don't need to, but this does NOT make you better than anyone else
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Gas, Grass, or ass no-one rides for free?
also whats with the huge number of people in Portland who have never even had a driver license? This baffles me. One should at least learn to operate a motor vehicle.