I Can Relate


Well, should you decide to "give up" one of these days, you shouldn't go alone. Take some with you - too many folks here as is.

My condolences in advance...
Tell someone who cares. No, seriously, TELL SOMEONE WHO CARES! There are people who don't want to lose you. There are people who can help you avoid digging yourself into a mental hole. Suicide's no way to go out. Things can get better for you.

Or kill yourself. WTF do I know. Maybe you're a terrible person.

@Editors. Posting this IA is highly questionable decision.

RIP @amazonfemme.
Everyone has shit to deal with in life. Nobody gets a Disney World version of reality. Some people have it worse than others but we all have instances (sometimes quite prolonged) of bullshit in our lives. It's not a matter of "if" this happens, because it will, it's a matter of how you deal with it. Fat? Buy a cheap bike and start riding. Hate your job? Find a new one. It's always the self defeatists who have the most polished arguments for why their life sucks, why changing is impossible and why there's no hope. Sorry if I lack empathy but you could've been born in some shitty 3rd world or Arab country where you have pretty much no rights and a TRULY hellish life (not this "woe my call center job maketh me sad" bullshit). You should feel lucky as fuck, not woe is me.
don't go where you're not invited.
When did the human condition become a disease?
Let me put aside my trolling ways and tell you that while I can also, totally relate, having personally known a few people who committed suicide, I now recognize it as one of the single most selfish acts a person can commit. Everyone has a deep, hidden sadness and real, valid problems. Everyone. Giving up and offing yourself will only make life much, much harder for everyone who cares about you. Sure, it's an easy out for you, but if there is anyone in your life that you give the slightest fuck about, please don't do it. You will seriously ruin their shit for a very long time, if not permanently.
Damosa. You should give him your phone number. Maybe take in a stroll tomorrow down by the river?

La journée parfaite !
Oh, and hey? If this is an actual cry for help and not a creative writing exercise, there's this one asshole that wants you to know that your problems don't matter because you don't live in the third world! Hope you're thick-skinned enough to understand a shit argument when you see it!

sad shit:

On October 6, at 7:56 a.m., North Precinct officers responded to a residence in the 3600 block of Northeast 120th Avenue on the report of a possible suicide. An email was sent to the Portland Police Bureau's Public Information Officer (PIO) by a 59-year-old man who stated that he did not want his family or friends to discover his body and he left specific instructions on how to get into his residence and where important paperwork would be located to contact family.

Officers went to the residence where they discovered that 59-year-old ____________ had used a firearm to commit suicide.
Boohoo. If you want out of this life, you know where the exit sign is. Most of you have been groomed to be a generation of weak, self defeating pussies who couldn't find happiness if it was staring you straight in the face (and it probably is). Yes, life as a white person in DisneyLand Portland must be oh so hard for you. Woe.

Oh, btw, nice IA letter rich bachelor.
Meditation, practice daily. Wishing you health and healing, friend!
"Damosa. You should give him your phone number. Maybe take in a stroll tomorrow down by the river? "

Make it the Green river and i'm in. I hear it's a good place to meet chicks...
Humans are a plague and death is always an appropriate solution.
Learn art and express yourself in positive ways that might help others.
503-972-3456 is the Portland suicide hotline (non-police). Keep that number handy--there are folks that can help and direct you to face-to-face services.
ERN is a police NARC, don't listen to him!!! Do what you feel is in your black empty heart!
C'mon folks...

Anonymous: "I don't know, I seem to be sad a lot..."


Seriously, the dude just said he feels sad, and that he relates to the guy who killed himself. If anonymous were seriously contemplating suicide, HE WOULDN'T COME TO THIS WEBSITE FOR HELP, I can assure you. He'd go get some pills, or start meditating or something. So drop all the hyper-sensitive horseshit.

The guy is just a melancholy type. Some people are just naturally sad, like some people naturally have low body temperature or low sex drive. We need to stop pathologizing these natural differences between people.

Which isn't to say that anonymous couldn't benefit from art, meditation, or even pills. Or getting laid, for that matter. But acting like normal feelings are the sign of some serious disease is just fucking stupid.
Ugh, I don't blame this guy for thinking about checking out when the world is full of assholes like these commenters. Who would want to be a member of the same species as Damosa? Better to come back as a dog.
I was wondering where you were reading all the news of suicides since the media usually blacks it out. Also for all of the ignorant comments about suicide and selfishness, you have obviously never experienced pain so bad you could no longer cope with it. You have no idea what depression is so shut the fuck up.
Fuck you too, Jessica! You think i enjoy sharing the same species as YOU, huh? I sure hope you go before i do!

I'd say that's pretty fucking presumptuous, but luckily I don't need my personal plight to be validated by trolls at this stage in my life.

So you see, IA, there is hope yet!