Trick or Treaters Who Are Not Welcome


No one over 10? What a crab. Some parents send older kids to escort the younger ones. And if you can't appreciate a good Gary Ridgway costume, there must be something wrong with you.
Since you're going to be such a joyless FASCIST DICK about it, then keep your door closed and stay your ass inside tonight. I'm gonna set fire to your bushes!
I would love to hear this "pretending to be a serial killer" story. How dare you mention this and not elaborate!
Just wait until the stoner kids show up with a sports jersey claiming it is a costume. Its not easy getting free food you know
There are no more "get off my lawn" jokes left on the internet so I'll just go ahead and say fuck your lawn. If people walking on the grass you're growing in front of your house is among the grievances foremost in your mind, then you're an insufferable clown.
One of the coolest Halloween moments I ever had involved a bunch of Japanese foreign exchange students. They were all clearly over 10-years-old, had walk across my lawn and had absolutely no clue as to "proper" Halloween etiquette as I was the very first house visited on their very first Halloween.

They were all dressed up as undead civil war soldiers and had clearly spent many hours on their makeup and costumes. When they came to the door they looked very nervous and it looked like they were going to turn around when I opened the door and greeted them. They spoke very little English and they all said "thank you" and bowed when they left.

The I, Anon here sounds like he should really just give Halloween a pass. It's meant to be fun and creative, not something to pick apart and complain about. I would suggest just turning off all the lights so that you may stew in your own bitter little world, lest you accidentally dislodge the stick in your ass.

Happy Halloween, dickhead.
My candy these days is marijuana, and my bag is the girl in my sheets.
Oh good; Americans have something else to be all Internet Tough Guy about. We all look forward to the story in tomorrow's news about how you totally shot somebody after steadfastly denying children who looked too old your sweet, sweet can-dayy.
Wow damosa is all about an individual's rights unless it's about candy. Tennessee transplant gotta feed the diabetes?
^^ i know, mr. double standards comes to the rescue for all BREEDER parents waiting on the sidewalk with their flashlights. Such a chode.
I agree with everyone. You're banned from Halloween you joyless fuck.
And just what in the fucking fuck would YOU two know, huh?