Honey Boo Boo?! Really?


Perhaps you SHOULD pay more attention to your English teacher. Your sentence structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation - pretty much your entire attempt at the written language as judged by this I, Anon - is one giant cluster fuck.
Could someone please translate this from D-Bro for me?
whyja need he english class? yr obv brillant.
When someone's keyboard is coated in McNugget grease this is apparently how they type, I guess?

Besides, if you can watch Food Inc and still manage to eat Mcdonalds chicken nuggets then the problem is all you, buddy.
Oh jesus, we've got ourselves a certified REDNECK here! I did not know they had an internet connection in Gresham. I won't even point out the utter grammar holocaust that's been committed here, other's have done so already.

Geez, McDonalds seems to have gotten a bit of a bump in the Merc this week. What gives?
Move over, Lee Williams. I see a bright future for this youngster as a food critic for the Oregonian.
^^ Now do Sheri's.
Listen to your teacher. McDonalds isn't food.