Portland Patrol: Where Do They Find these People?


You know, I guess what with electronic devices being so cheap and all these days, we probably can look forward to lots more online rants from the homeless.
As opposed to the old days, where this would be shouted from the back of the bus.
Legit grievance. That sucks bro.
Tax payers; pay the asshole useless bike cops. I've never met a useful bike cop; I've met at least one hundred different ones over the course of eighteen years. They're all useless and should they all should be fired; so they can be hired as mall rent a cops.
Rich bachelor - So obviously you haven't spent much time around the central library computers... one CAN still access the internet without an iphone.
It's not the officer's fault. They were hired to enforce the law. The law is (paraphrasing) "you can't sleep there." So, moving you is their job. If you want to get mad at someone, get mad at the City Council for passing the law. Or, even more appropriately, get mad at the people who vote, because they hired the City Council to pass the law that the cop is enforcing. While you're at it, you should also get mad at the people who don't vote, because not voting is a vote to continue the status quo. In other words, who is responsible for you getting shuffled around at night? Almost everyone.

My advice: Try going into the woods. You'll get better sleep, I swear.
Thank you CCC and Operation Nightwatch (the sex offender feeding station) and the Anarchists. I now have complete compassion fatigue. Listen you lazy leech- you are bothering people and harming downtown businesses.
Go away and stop whining. I hate your scabs and your pitbulls. Sorry you screwed up your life but the owner of the doorway you sleep in didn't advise you to make life choices that led to poverty. Take some responsibility.
" I can't believe people actually get paid for achieving absolutely NOTHING!!!-" yes, why do you get student loans, you lazy bum? When's the last time you did something productive?

Until I get my student loans and pay my landlord what I owe my wife and I will be there EVERY night.

Don't take the loans you loser- go home and live with your parents and get a damn job.

" I'm SO sorry we have no place else to go." You are lifestyle homeless. Go live with relatives.

"Why don't set yourselves on fire and die." This is why I have the compassion fatigue. Why should tax-payers put up with this crap? Why don't you get on a bus and leave town.

" Whoever pays you, stop the checks! Damn!" This is your only good point. We need to stop the student loan check because you will never pay the loan back. You are quite the entitled little crybaby.
Have you taken advantage of the many social services offered to you by the benevolent Republic of Portland? There is help if you truly want it.
I assume your resignation to living on the street is an admission of addiction; the mentally ill don't post IA...they only comment on it.
"Admission of addiction?" "scabs and pitbulls"? "lifestyle homeless"? Wow, what a bunch of presumptuous classist drivel.
I will take you at your word that you are a no-trace sleeper, but I'm pretty tired of the lotsa-trace sleepers leaving shit in my doorway. Not garbage mind you, urine and feces. Of course, if there is shit, at least they've left by the time I get there and don't argue with me that they don't need to wake up yet. The problem for the lowly security guard is to discern who is who and which is which. If you really are no-trace, perhaps I should hire you to guard/sleep in my doorway to pre-emptively head off the pissers and the shitters who otherwise seem to flock there. I'll think about it.
Dear compassionfatigue,

Please go die in a fire.
Get a job and a car and a house and debt and responsibilities OR GO LIVE IN THE FUCKING WOODS.
I wish you'd go live in the woods.
May God bless you and your wife.