Yes, You Do Have Neighbors and We Can Hear You!


you took this risk when moving into a downstair apartment. nothing they are doing sounds that bad. you lose. move someplace less cool.
This post should be the first page in every rental agreement. Sadly, even if it was most people would still be inconsiderate. I had to live out 11 months on a lease under one of the noisiest (and most prone-to-argument) couples ever. Finally found a beautiful top floor corner apt and can sleep in peace without some dumb twat stomping around in her high heels for hours on end. If you cherish any kind of quiet time and live in these old creaky NW buildings with hardwoods, you owe it to yourself to wait it out for a top floor apartment (and you also owe it to the people below you to be as respectful to them as well). Otherwise you're gonna live a life of submitting letters like this.
Maybe you could try saying something to your neighbor? Just a thought.
Fans help.
White noise machines and complaints to your landlord.
Since you don't want to directly confront them, you could print this out and put it on their door.
With a knife.
Go upstairs and knock on their door. Tell them that you were concerned about the loud noises and crashes and wanted to make sure they were okay. If the noises continue call the police and tell them that you think that an assault is occurring. Inform the landlord of your call and the police visit.... the next day. It'll quiet down.

Or just sit in your apartment like a big puss and whine about it.
My upstairs neighbor works baker's hours and, y'know, you do what you have to do, but I really don't think it's necessary to put on your work boots and clompity-clomp all the fuck around your apartment at 4am. So, I can empathize with this one.