Pizza vs. Cocaine


just as alarming and just as stupid and just as what. the. fuck.:

i once got so drunk and stoned that i almost watched an episode of 'glee'.

i feel you, brother. (sister?)
That's one of those moments where you just need to pause, take a deep breath and ask yourself "what the FUCK am I doing?"

I've never smoked crack but have eaten many a pizza. Pizza wins.
Don't capitalize crack, it isn't a brand name like Kotex®, Anusol®, or Wm.™ Steven Humphrey.
"One day I got too drunk and I decided to post an infantile on-line journal in the rants and confessions section, which ironically, was like crack"
You should have done the crack and then written your story. This is a story about not having a story, the crack would have lead you somewhere radical and much more amusing. This is the internet goddamnit Amuse me! Amuse me! Do crack!!! Amuse me! Monkey.. crack monkey rat fuck crack smoking rat crack monkey monkey dirt

On the one hand, that was probably the most coherent and well spelled comment you've ever made (minus the fact that "online" is generally accepted as a single, unhyphenated word here in the internet age). On the other hand, you might not want to mock the "infantile on-line journal" that you spend copious amounts of time stocking TOO much.

Keep trying! I'm seeing some real improvement!

beebopbopp - marry me?
That is to say, "stalking". And yes, I am high. Still smarter than Leaky, though.
Albeit you use one or two nick's, as you can see you're not smarter than me.
"nick's"? You mean quotation marks? Yeah, they aren't called "nick's", and even if anyone else called them that, in no way would the word make sense with an apostrophe (that's what you call a single quotation mark on its own). I'm also using the double quotation marks properly, because I'm quoting you, "albeit" mockingly.

This is not the first time I've seen you get all high and mighty about the quotation mark (which is funny 'cause you don't know its name). I encourage you to do a little research before you get all uppity on this matter again.

Almost done, but since we're talking grammar, your last comment could have used a "so" or a semicolon* to meld those two independent clauses into a nice cohesive sentence.

Don't hesitate to let me know about any little typo you find in the above. Our English would really go to shit without you trolling this infantile online journal trying to make some infantile and incorrect point.

*a semicolon is the winky one, like this ---> ;

Drain it whore.
I didn't know we where talking about grammar, where must my head be?

"Don't hesitate to let me know about any little typo you find in the above."

--> (which is funny 'cause you don't know its name)
Dialect is valid writing, but anyway the invitation was facetious. Git out the dictionary! <--- dialect again
When I get really drunk I tend to do stupid and regretful my ex girlfriend.
The fates gave you a pass on temptation and put $40 in your pocket to buy a hangover-sized breakfast. Be happy and relieved.

Crack is like smoking dirt.