Thieving, Vandalizing Douchebag!


When I was 16 and listening to black metal my friends and I would go to Christian bookstores/Christian craftstores, rip the jesus fish off cars, snap em in half and leave em on the hood. We were metal as fvkk.
Your candidate is no different than their candidate. If you can't see that you're a fucking idiot.
@Two Party System Dick Suck:

They are so different! Obama thinks that shafting the 99% is a regrettable reality, while Romney thinks it's a good thing!

Seriously, if O wins and he starts in with his "Grand Bargain" bullshit, I'm going to fucking lose it. Bargain with my foot up your ass, you corporate token cocksucker!
Why put a sticker on your whip at all? What's the point? To show the unenlightened hordes how "progressive" you are?

Despite the utopian fantasy that drew you here, away from the seething hellhole of Texas, you do realize this is Oregon, right? That everyone here isn't as evolved as you must imagine yourself to be? Right? Have you ever been out of the Willamette Valley?
Well, Gateway, not sure what you expected heading that far east. If you'd parked out past 122nd you would've returned to a burned-out shell.
The thing is, Portland is more conservative than it appears. Also, I don't know why voting Democrat makes you a progressive. Democrats collude with the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy just as much as Republicans do, they just hide it better.
Hey, Todd, just for the record, I LIVE on NE 122nd, not far from Gateway Freddie's as a matter of fact, and it's actually quite nice "out here". Have yet to come home to a "burned-out shell" or even experience ANY problems in several years.

My neighbors are friendly and my kids and I walk and bike the streets safely all the time. Close to Max, the airport, good school district where both my kids have thrived (Parkrose), more reasonable rents, lots of trees, quiet, diverse...what's not to love?

What? Too working-class/poor/non-White/un-HIP for you?
'Cause God knows, if you dare to venture TOO far from your safe little hipster enclaves, you'll SURELY end up a statistic. Live a little...get to know ALL of Portland. You might be surprised.

And as for the comments re' politics (ranging from bullshit hipster apathy...which I grew out of like 20 YEARS ago, to the political demograpics of Portland) um, seems to me the POINT is the "douchebaggery" of the culprit here. One's political views don't really enter into just don't FUCK with someone's vehicle or free expression of their opinion.

I agree...a DICK move.

(and yeah...Obama 2012!:) but I would have expressed the same opinion if the stickers in question had been Romney or anyone else.
Todd is a grand hipster. The douche has an imbd page for chrissakes!
Anything east of... oh I'll be generous and say SE 60th, is a fucking methed out nightmare. If you disagree it's because you live there and are used to it. Sorta like when you work around ugly girls so long you start to get half chubs for them. Truth has been spoken.
Political affiliations and what kind of bumper sticker it was is sooo far beyond the damned point. This person is not only a thieving vandalizing miserable piece-of-shit, but also a COWARD to boot! Had it been MY car and i caught him in the act, i'd have stomped his goddamn face in!!!
@Raven: OK, so I was exaggerating a little. I did drive out Division recently and was happy to see that Head East is still open, I used to shop there when I was just a wee freak.

@Miad: That's MISTER Grand Hipster Douche to you.
@ todd:

dude, you were way off with that crack you made about 122nd -- everybody knows that everything is peachy and swank until you hit the mid 130's.....even arenit knows this, if only he'd be honest with himself.

i mean, you guys just can't go around saying that certain parts of town are more crime-ridden simply because there's more crime there.

just because the sky is blue doesn't mean you can go around stating that the sky is blue, all willy-nilly and shit -- what's the hell's the matter with you?

jerks. it sounds to me like you guys might be methist.
Holy crap. I agree with DamosA. I think he's right when he says, "Political affiliations and what kind of bumper sticker it was is sooo far beyond the damned point. This person is not only a thieving vandalizing miserable piece-of-shit, but also a [coward] to boot!"

Just about the only form of public discourse that is less enlightening than bumper stickers is damaging or stealing bumper stickers.
Crime in PDX?

That is so not cool.
@Raven333...agree on all points, thank you.
Stop lying about 122nd. It is a disgusting unholy place just like the rest of Gresham.
Well obviously DamosA wrote this IA