Anti-Semitic Double Decker Assholes


Thanks for calling these ignorant and dangerous motherfuckers out. Stay safe!
Ooooooooh. You carry a blade. Ooooooooh

What is this? A sequel to "The Warriors"?

Or maybe "Death Wish 22, Electric Boogaloo"?

Dude, I ALMOST did something stupid tonight. ALMOST. If that "Asian" looked at me one more time....

Why did you have to mention he was "Asian" and that you are not "Jewish"? Anti-Asiatism.....hahahaha

Who is the racist here? Certainly not you.
It must be frustrating to feel so threatened that you need to carry a weapon. I'm sorry to hear that you feel this way. My wife also feels that way at times, and she's taught me a lot about how difficult some activities can become after dark for some people, and about the fact that not everyone feels safe all the time like I do. (For example, I always thought of door locks as being useful for keeping people away from my things while I was out of the house, but she thought of them as a layer of protection while she was home. So, I've been trained to lock the door even while I'm at home.)

Anyway, what I really wanted to get to was this: If you feel like you might need to carry a weapon, I strongly advise the combination of pepper spray and a whistle. If the worst happens, they are just about as effective in stopping an attack, and you don't have the legal troubles of having stabbed someone. Of course, don't just get the keychain pepper spray at Walgreens. You should really invest in the good stuff. My advice is to go to an outdoors store and pick up some bear spray, which is just a meduim-high concentration pepper spray. Anything less is pretty easy for an attacker to ignore.

I hope you feel better soon.
I often find myself defending restrooms from scoffsign non-customers. I may well be the only thing standing between the tottering remnants of our once-great civilization and CHAOS!!!
Yes, start carrying a "blade" again. That way when someone says a dickhead thing to you you can STAB them. The cops will totally understand, trust me bro.
Just call the cops, they will shoot them, win/win.
WOW, stjohnsrules and Arenit coming to the aid of racists antisemites!
Instead of carrying a deadly weapon, how about you learn how to defend yourself without one? Just a thought
^yeah, carry around an ugly face like yours.
YEAH ALL THOSE ASIANS! ASIANS! What the fuck does their race have to do with anything?

Although I agree with the suggestions here that carrying a "blade," even if the OP was man enough to use it, an extremely bad idea (the pepper spray maybe the best option), your advice to heed Mr. Miyagi's teachings on how to defend oneself sans weapons maybe not all that applicable in a real world situation such as this.

And remember, the attacker was "Asian." Who knows what kind of advanced kung fu fighting skills that guy may have had.
I would probably assault an anti-Semite, like a good punch in the stomach or nose. I'm hispanic.
Actually Jake, yes it is humor aside (that kung fu joke made me laugh). It really isn't that hard either. That aside it looks like I have an faceless little fan. How "Portland'
How "Portland" it is to think that someone who slightly agrees with you is a "fan."
Not addressing you Jake, that comment was addressed to "the slowstopper" (clever name for a faceless little troll). I agreed with your post. For all of you who find me so "ugly" (so clever and mature), you might want to look in the mirror yourself. I have seen what some of you look like, and its pretty nerdy
@ Ss

Sorry, about that. Sorry to be pissy. I agree with you, FWIW.