Bus Hogs


Generally, in my experience, if the bus/train is full and someone is doing this and you go "Can I sit there, please" they oblige without much fuss some folks just prefer to sit on the outside.
Above commenter forgets Anon lives in the most passive aggressive city in the western hemisphere. Why ask a simple and polite question when you can be silent, assume the worst, seethe all day then hammer out an anonymous letter about it 12 hours later?
......and then 12.25 hours later for arenit to hit the refresh button and resume with his life.
HAhaha, well are they fat as fuck or just big people or are they really stretching out? Frankly I'm tired of you assholes trying to sit in my lap.
oh, is school out already, painty? well, you'd best get home now and do your chores before dinner's ready. and it's about time you cleaned up your room, too.

now run along, son -- you can play online *after* your chores are done, up until it's time for beddy-bye.
I just say "I want to sit down, move over."
The point is people shouldn't have to ask.

Most normal, caring people don't take up two seats on a crowded bus with their bags. It's PUBLIC transportation, not individual transportation. Quit being an asshole and this world gets a whole lot easier.

What's next, having to ask someone not to cut in line, or to not walk in the middle of the sidewalk? Because they need to be asked not to do this stuff.

The people taking up two seats are selfish people. You can extrapolate that if they're doing this stuff on the bus, they're sucking at life in other aspects of their day as well.

They take up soo much room on the bus! By golly, if it were up to ME i would be charging EXTRA fare for infants and small children, not LESS! And don't try and tell me that they can't afford it either. Our govt. pays a female heifer an average of $1000 in tax credits per year for each EACH calf she sires. Money she typically does not even work for. UNACCEPTABLE!
Yes DamosA, and it sure is awesome! I will be laughing all the way to the bank (but not really as it'll be electronically deposited into my account) when my fat tax refund, despite paying no federal tax, and way upped by my two children, comes back!

But then, I've got two children to raise on poverty-level wages despite working 40 hrs a week, so there's that. And my spawn always ride for free on Trimet! The horror!
I was JUST thinking this. Lately, it appears everyone who brings 17 purses, a gym bag, a tote and backpack onto the bus needs to make the seats next to them their personal cargo unit. It's fucking lame.
I blame the fatso goths with their stupid goth accessories. These lowlife scum shouldn't EVEN be allowed to ride the public busses.

Someone should GET these pieces of shit out of town. Especially the cunty looking ones over 30.
Most people will move if you ask, but I agree that you shouldn't have to ask, especially when it's crowded and obvious that SOMEONE wants to sit down.

Even worse are the assholes that DON'T have bags and just sit on the outside in the hopes that they don't have to come into too much contact with actual humans.
@Haleyfreakingrules, exactly! I don't really need to sit but it bothers me when older people or little kids stand because some fucko is taking up 3 seats, or sitting in them like its a chaise lounge! Its not the fucking schoolbus! Don't even get me stated on school kids, jeez.