And in this Corner: Dog Shit


I agree. I'm close to your hood and (as a dog owner), it grosses me out when I see piles of dog shit (especially since I always have at least two doggy poop bags on me and would HAPPILY give one to another dog owner it their mutt does the deed but are left without a way to clean up). It's gross. It's rude. It's irresponsible. I'm sorry, dude. People suck.
Just get rid of all the stupid, useless dogs and this problem disappears. Seriously, dogs are just eating, shitting, and barking machines. I don't honestly understand why anyone would want one for a pet, although it's pretty clear to me that there's more than a few Portlanders that consciously or unconsciously, view their dogs as some kind of fashion or lifestyle accessory, as they drag them to every bar, restaurant, and social event they attend.

Whereupon their dogs shit or piss on something, of course.
Dog owners are just as bad as parents, oftentimes worse.

Cats for life.
Inner SE is a shithole filled with young, irresponsible, transitory, renters who treat it like a flop pad. And also literally a shithole, I guess.
Agreed. Inner SE is basically a dorm. Nothing but dreadlocks, women with hairy legs and armpits, and bedbugs -- or as the neighborhood locals refer to it: keeping it real. Do not want.
Blabby and arenit, sitting in a tree, J-U-D-G-I-N-G!
Are you sure it was dog shit? I saw some scraggly--ass dude taking a dump between two cars, right off of Belmont up by Zupan's. Hardly fazed me.
Things will only get worse as Hales and Co. continue to
rape SE PDX with ugly buildings built right up to the sidewalk. Yes, pls. bring renters and dogs, but make sure you provide no green space or parking. You just stepped in a big steaming pile of Portland planning!
Sorry you have to scrape the Mehyre Group off your shoes.
Same dog shit rant, different day.
I suspect that if Anonymous stops taking the Ambien, their "dog" shit problem might go away...
People say it's worse in Paris, France.