Over It


Tip: don't use this forum to accuse people of being passive aggressive. Trust me, posting here is WAY more passive aggressive than anything the person you're complaining about has done. You can bet on getting called out for irony.
You must be talking about my former boss at where I used to work. Sounds just like her!
"Smart than you" and "foster to your prissy attitude," all in the same post. If this is how you normally communicate, I think I just found out why they snicker at you at the office.
Rich is dead on. Also, if I had to guess, I would say that your boss probably is "smart than you."

Sympathy denied.
At least this IA got 'YOU'RE' correct. Can't be said for everyone.
Working with doctors (I assume with the "letters after your name"), can be a challenge. Bummer your coworker sucks.