Audacious Autumn Auto Asshole


I can't wait until you find a stack of cinder blocks in a pile of leaves you are trying to drive through like a dickhead. Now THAT would be fucking hilarious.
Doesn't really matter. A big frontloader comes by the next day and scrapes it all up. It doesn't care if it is in a pile or not.
Boring troll
I do this too! Blabby, only two leaf clean ups per year FYI.
"only two leaf clean ups per year"

Right. And you know when the people of those neighborhoods rake their leaves into the street? Right before those two clean up days.

WRONG! Come on out . Seriously, this sunday. Go out and push 'em down with yer whip. these fucking chodes build us these (sandcastlers?) every week. arghhh.

kids, always trust glenn danzig.......
Disrespect Glenn again and you'll get the horns, son.
The leaf piles aren't there to be collected. They're there to passive-aggressively show my neighbors how they're slacking on yard work and seemingly not caring that they're potentially harming my precious overinflated property value!
In the website below, you can enter your address and find out what day the city comes to clean the leaves off the street. It's very helpful, especially if you live in a part of town where the city tows cars parked on the street that day. It also proves that Blabby's wrong.
I build leaf piles to deny my neighbors the ability to park in front of my house. As Chunty points out, there are so many P/A possibilities!
Actually, as a person who lives in the neighborhood and has been watching the growing parking problem (they keep putting in apartment buildings with no parking) I'm willing to bet that it is just to prevent people parking in front of their houses. It's also one of the more passive aggressive areas in Portland, probably due to the large number of non-neighborhood residents visiting the area every day. Can you imagine the P/A levels we'd see if Sellwood or East Moreland were to become places that appealed to people not already living there? You'd think some of these Laurelhursters believe they're living in a gated community or something.