Driving with Dogs!


Thanks - this is really going to round out my List of Rules for Living in Portland According to I Anonymous!

1. Do not share the road with anyone who doesn't use the same vehicle as you. "We" didn't pave it for the likes of them.

2. No kids in the post office. They must be left in the car.

3. No dogs left in cars.

4. No leaving notes on cars with dogs left in them - that's what I,A is for!

Now this is an IA I can get behind.
"I have no doubt that my dog felt more joy out of our 45 minute ride than you have ever felt in your cowardly life."
that's the problem with dog owners. your dog doesn't give a fuck, and you think it does. stop projecting. also, i don't give a shit if you leave your dog in the car, so I guess i agree 50%
I can totally agree with this I Anonymous.

Just the other day, my neighbor complained to me when my dog took a crap all over his front yard.

I got right up in his face and told him "My dog felt more joy, pride, and exuberance in that two minute stretch of pooping on your lawn than you'll ever be able to muster for you entire pathetic existence, you sad little shadow of a man!"
Sagging Flint- If you believe that, then come on over to my house and ask my dog if he wants to go in the car. Seriously, he turns into a 180 pound super ball at the idea of going in the car.

On a side note, I like how the title of this submission has an exclamation point!
anon and iceprez are right that plenty of dogs do truly enjoy going for a ride -- no 'projecting' there.

my whine about dogs in cars usually comes in the summer, when a couple of cracked windows are hardly enough to tame the heat that accumulates after just a few minutes.....and, just as bad, rarely does anyone ever have a bowl of water in there available to them that whole time -- that would take too much foresight, trouble, and consideration, i guess.

try sitting in a 103° car for 45 minutes while wearing a fur coat and sipping on nothing but your saliva sometime.