Squirrel Killers


i wonder if this idea would work for other annoying species?

tonight, at rush hour, i'm going to put some soda and an x-box out in the street, along with a stack of 'glee' and 'walking dead' dvds. and some flattened squirrels.

betcha i'll be able to catch me some sloppy-bitch humans to put in my bucket.
I am relatively sure that the squirrels WANT to die, as evidenced by their generally suicidal behavior when confronted with moving vehicles.

That said, I would also like to know what these people are doing with the corpses.
Are they accepting new clients?
That's messed up, what, are we in Appalachia? What's next, chicken fuckers? Good grief
"Squirrel killing chicken fuckers", next on Discovery channel
You'd think they'd want to fuck the mammal at least, but no...

I'm sorry but cloacas just ain't right.
I'm guessing an aspiring foodie saw the episode of No Reservations where Bourdain goes to the Ozarks and tries squirrel meat...
You are a terrible excuse for a human being. I hope you get mangled by a car.
This is so twisted and creepy. Are these adults or kids/teenagers?? Seriously. Psycho behavior.
I can see why you wouldn't want to wear pants during this whole thing.
IA, when i decide it's YOUR business to know what it is I do with MY dead squirrels, i will surely make an official announcement. Until then, toss off.