Sustainable Sushi


Where is this place? I only ask as I would very much like to push whatever buttons you have left, Anon.
Call out to all taggers and vandals.....

Se 28th and pine needs some work!
Uh oh...the NOT nice way. That's gonna leave a mark.
Internet tough guy syndrome; you're doing it right.
i don't understand this IA, can someone please just spell it out-- is it that "IA doesn't like the grease trap practices of bamboo sushi and is making tepid threats"? IA, can you clarify your complaint about grease traps? And your feeling about loud live in the SE...???? **WTF**
I need a sustainable blowjob.
"I need a sustainable blowjob."

That's fine, means you'll have to swallow your own sperm at the end.
@sagging Cleaning out their vents means getting a massive diesel truck with some kind of compressor to spray them out. It means you have an idling truck with a compressor running in the street for an hour while they do it. Same with them recycling the grease. I talked to the guy doing it. They told him to come between 4-5am. They don't open until 4:00pm.
Um, stupid question but why does a sushi place need grease traps? I assume its "sustainable" grease then?
At almost every sushi restaurant you can order tempura, a mix of vegetables breaded and deep fried. Some rolls are also breaded and deep fried as well.
Six months earlier: "This condo is a steal! And it's close to everything! What a vibrant, creative neighborhood!"
thanks i8sushi! Or is it "I Hate Sushi"?

I think their sushi is fucking delicious. but then again, don't live near their massive diesel compressor. I agree they should be a good neighbor, but you should acknolwedge at least in part that (some) noise comes with your territory. That may convince more people that your rant makes sense. You're welcome!
That is just the "dense, mixed-use, urban" environment that all Portlander's supposedly crave. Soon we'll all have such businesses nearby, with apartments above and no parking within a half-mile.
Good point as always, Blabby. Compact, density-oriented planning does in fact require loud noise at 4 in the morning in violation of noise ordinances. Also, cities breed vice and squalor. Let us take refuge from the ugly, dirty city in the peaceful utopia of single-use zoning with ample paved surfaces, meandering streets that all look alike, far away from those always-noisy restaurants. There are family-dining chains close by with ample parking lots that make those horrible years on Alberta seem like a distant memory.
4-5am. Mixed use or not that's just rude. Very rude.
@veruca, thanks. I thought of that 2 minutes after I posted that. Not so swift. @chunty...hahahaha. Funny but a little mean. Who cares, thats funny. My ex gf used to live right behind where bamboo sushi is now.....wonder what that house went for?
I'm picturing Anon tugging the brim of his hat down low and looking REALLY mean when he says "Now we go the other way."