Fuck You! Rich Condo Owners!


lol@"your glass walled tomb" - said the guy joyfully jumping out of his man panties 5 minutes earlier when he got hired at said tomb.

Also, the 1-5 people (well is it 1 or 5?) who "dislike me for various reasons" (the fact you so casually gloss this over leads me to believe you were the problem) were probably put off by whatever bizarre shit you did to make them dislike you and didn't want you meanmugging them each day when they came home.

Bottom line, find a new job and stop pissing people off, whatever it is you're doing to them.
"They cite no real definite reason, other than a few complaints." Since when is that not enough?

Also, if I had to guess, I would say that putting the "I've gone to lunch" sign up was probably the least complicated part of your job. If you could not reliably perform that task, why should they believe that you could perform any other?
That many tests?
Looks like Damosa lost that job....
Hmmm. You can't remember to put up a "gone to lunch" sign, and they're rich.
Do I even need to point out the humor in this?
100% legitimate grievance, IA. Sorry to hear. You should go back and fire bomb the place, or something - seek vengeance!
who's the 'bitchy winy"(sic) one here?
Because of the 1-5 that disliked you, you call all of them bitchy whiny ass-holes. Ironic.
in the words of the specials, "i know you know you're just a little bitch!"
I think it would be hilarious if this turned out to be that Ryan G. guy who got fired from New Seasons.
The Madness scooter was the reason for your dismissal.

They thought you were a pussy for not riding a motorcycle. Therefore, not man enough to run the door.
or his baggy trousers.
Fuck, Damosa would fit right in in Gaza.
They could have given you some advice or a fair warning since your brand new there, but welcome to Portland... the creepiest job market in the country. You should start a new career just stealing from all the rich lazy people here, starting with that building.
Next time a prospective employer tries to waste your time and violate your privacy by asking you to pee in a cup, unzip you pants, whip out your wiener, and piss in her coffee mug.
I find it bla, that out of all you wonderfull people, who read my post, that not one of a million, made offer of employment or refuge. America, america, bla bla bla bla bla bla! I forgot to mention i was called into the office on my day off, to be fired. I thought they were doing a random drug test, or some such bs.