What the Shit is that Shit?


Yep, more bullshit to have to look at in this awesomely artistic city.
Before that, those poles were covered in some sort of white fabric for a year or two that left one guessing if it was art or leftover construction debris. It is truly a hideous "art" installation, and a huge waste of a very prominent space.
It rivals the "utterly unusable log cabin" thing made out of logs and concrete slabs over by the Memorial Coliseum. And pretty soon, whatever the fuck those things are at the east end of the Hawthorne Bridge will be done...if they aren't already; I can't tell.
So you don't like my "art" eh, you anonymous swine? Well, I went to "art school", host "art" parties and I am an artist! I have been an extra on Grimm! and Portlandia! You are just jealous of my artistic ability and cool theatre and art friends. Yeah, that's it.
Yeah bachelor, there is also that jungle gym at the end of the Hawthorne. And the totem poles by Jamison Square. And the dangling ballsac by Powells. Then the transit mall, where they've picked out a bunch of random peices that don't reference each other in any way, and slapped one down every 30 feet or so. We've got some cruddy public art.
I love the concrete diatom thingies by PSU though
I'm a fan of the bronze acid bunny sculpture in the walking corridor near PSU. Totally looks like a bronze bunny statue being viewed by your brain on LSD...
Remember how that lot was a big fenced off piece of shit before they landscaped it and stuck some local art on it? Oh yeah, you don't because you moved here in 2010. Oh god, it's so horrible that you have to look at a sculpture instead of razor wire and wet plastic bags!
Remember how that lot was a nasty fenced off abandoned lot prior to the city reconfiguring Couch / Burnside? Remember how it was a big pile of rusty cyclone fence, wet plastic bags and syringes? Bummer that you art experts now have so little to complain about.
Aw hell. Stupid mobile experience.
That's ok Chunty, it was relevant and funny both times
I've lived here my whole life, thanks Chunty. I don't see this POS as an improvement, really.

I'm all for displaying local art, but I think there should be more of an approval process. This is seriously crap with no content other than the usual pretentious jargon about "reacting to the space".