Dollar Rentassholes


Yeah, fuck Dollar Rental for not policing up the shit you left on their property and returning it to you post-haste. Seriously, if you rented a car that means you are at least 25 years old, making you grown up enough to remember your belongings. But no, its way easier to blame a faceless customer service rep for your fuck-up.
"I left my stupid fucking camera in my rental car, and all I have to show for it is my stupid fucking camera."

Stupid fucking complaint.
I'm so sorry that Dollar Rental didn't treat you like they were a helicopter mom and you were their pathetic fucking child that still pisses his pants in 6th grade.
Jesus God man, you got your fucking camera back! What more do you want? Just be happy about how incredibly lucky you are for that simple fact.
I would be happier to have the card with the images on them, than to even get the camera back.
All of those memories of what you ate... gone. Never to be shared with Instagram. Very sad indeed.
This is kind of like "The Hangover" only even more stupider.
Rent-a-asshole. Rentasshole is your a landlord.
You seem a bit unclear on what "philanthropic" (and, for that matter, "urchin") means.
Ah I see the first three commenters work for Dollar Rental! As for rich bachelor, the poor bastard doesn't even know what sarcasm is.