Get the Fuck Out of my Way


You know what you need? A MEGA-MOCHA ENEMA!

Seriously, chill the fuck out. Don't be such a passive-aggressive pussy all your life. Also, cut your stupid beard, get some contacts and for fuck's sake, exercise.

Did I miss anything?
Yeah you did miss something professor: Insert shut the fuck up right before chill the fuck out.

This seemingly whiny-over-priveleged-passive-aggressive fucktard should either go to his Mom's (or some other place) for Thanksgiving, where they won't be so burdened with having to go shopping and deal with the rest of society. Or, skip dinner altogether and volunteer at say a homeless shelter to serve food (if the less fortunate don't run em out of town).

Happy Thanksgiving Anon! Hope things work out for ya there bud.
Someone's on her period.
White Wednesday brings out the spirited peaceful lPilgrims at Tirader Joe's.
A very funny post. Funnier still, IA has to spend the day with his/her family. Gobble!! Gobble!!
Welcome to the west coast jake. Gobble! Gobble!
Hey fuckwad, remember the Marine Corps "5 P's": "Proper planning prevents piss-poor performance."

How big of a self-absorbed douche nozzle do you have to be to not know that every store in the United States is a mad-house for the 48 hours prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Know what? I hate crowds, kids, slow old folks, hipsters (and people in general) too. That's why I did my shopping on *tuesday*.

Plan, shop early, and shut the fuck up.
What Jarhead said. Yeah shopping can suck, be grateful you have money to buy food pal
Yup, and even on the worst shopping day of the year, your complaints still more or less translate to: "WAHHHH!!!" Jesus fucking Christ, it's not that big of a fucking deal.
Nobody uses the word "whilst" anymore........
"your" is possessive. When you say "like your buying your next home" you have to know that you're using two different words, right? They're right next to each other for fuck's sake.
Hey @12. You're a little late for an ego stroking spell check.
Ahhhh, the blessed holiday season is upon us! ;)

Wow, yeah, shopping, even for groceries, this time of year can be a pain in the ass. Get over it. You'll live longer.

And you know what? Most people probably feel the same way about YOU! You're probably the guy/gal who rudely pushes past everyone else with a glare, races the little old lady with 3 items to the check-out with your full cart, and blocks traffic in the parking lot for 10 minutes waiting for that great spot. We all hate you (we even hold meetings and plan out exactly HOW we are each going to do our part to get in your way and annoy you;)
The price of eggs at a grocery store is always so hard to figure out. Safeway has a a grid and then you're suppose to match the brand of eggs to it. Freddys has labels on the shelf but they never match the eggs above them. Also, my grocery list is on my iphone. ok?
Do you work in customer service? You sound like a people person.
I love telling people exactly what I think directly in the moment. The best part is watching all the pent up rage inside them boil over. Then when they realize they don't want to risk getting their asses kicked because I'm not backing down from their glares and sneers, they just cry and scream and walk away.