Open Letter to Folks with "No Soliciting" Signs


Ya. Fuck that. There's a reason I have that sign on my door. I don't want to be disturbed during dinner, or researching things that interest me, or scratching my sack. I'm very informed, and I do donate to the causes I believe in. So I'm doing you a solid by neither of us having to waste each others time.
Even annoying online. Also, "AT HAND".

Seriously, though. I'm not seeing these organizations do much good. As far as I can tell, their business model is to maintain enough fear/concern to keep the donations coming in, and as long as the money flows these organizations have no incentive to form a broader coalition that can actually take on the big problems facing our society.

So anonymous is part of the problem, because s/he's working for institutions which perpetuate our farce of civil society without challenging the widespread corruption truly destroying us.

Don't knock on my door unless you have a strategy to actually win this shit.
Canvassers get paid on commission. If you actually care about the organization they are representing, just go online to sign up for a membership. More of your money will go to the cause, and you won't be essentially paying someone to harass other passers-by. I think all canvassers must be cynical or self-loathing, because if they truly cared about the "cause" of spreading awareness about these issues, they'd volunteer their time and look for a paycheck elsewhere.
Thank you for not knocking on doors with "no soliciting" signs. I still get people ignoring mine.
Dear IA: please stop by in a few years when the sheen of post-adolescent arrogance wears off, and tell me again whether or not you think you were actually "working on behalf of the public interest". Because as I see it, you're a pest working a grab bag of emotional appeals designed to manipulate me into forking over cash so you'll stop making me uncomfortable in my own home-- and fucking leave.

Furthermore, you're working a shit job and your idealism likely means you're being taken advantage of. Let's hope this gig leads to you growing a backbone.
^^what this guy said.
In my experience, personal and otherwise, one of the main reasons people go to the trouble to POST a "no soliciting" sign on their door/property is that unsolicited knocks on their door during the daytime hours are a major pain in the ass for them due to their schedule and/or work and/or lifestyle.

Maybe they work nights and SLEEP DAYS; or have a NEW BABY who rouses from that hard-fought nap and starts screaming (again) at the knock (and/or the dog barking AT the knock); or WORK AT HOME during the day.

Hell, for all you know, they may be doing sex work at home or trying to shoot pornos and your damn unsolicited knock fucks everything up ("CUT!")

Or perhaps they just don't care to hear your pitch for whatever issue (or religion) it is (which they may or may not already be informed about and support in other ways).

Regardless, they are doing you a favor by posting the sign. If unsolicited disturbances during the day are enough of a problem for them that they bother posting the sign, odds are they wouldn't be receptive to your pitch anyway (remember, they have to go get the BABY back to sleep, asshole!)

And yeah, good on you for respecting the signs.
The worst pitch ever is trying to tell me that being at my door trying to tell me about OSPIRG or Jesus isn't soliciting, so my sign doesn't apply. Double fuck you for that idiotic tactic.…
"to approach with a request or plea;" "to urge (as one's cause) strongly"
100% of the donations collected by OSPIRG canvassers go back into canvassing. I had long suspected this, but got it first hand from a OSPIRG shift leader (who was a piece of shit as a person, BTW).

They also fundraise for nonexistent issues. For real. It's pretty funny when they're confronted with someone who actually understands the issues, though...
The way your post cuts off there. Is that supposed to simulate me closing the door in your face mid-sentence? Pretty accurate.
HAHAHA, I once pointed to my NO SOLICITING sign to some religious folks who had knocked on my door. They said they were not asking for money, so they were not soliciting. They walked away. I ran for the dictionary and chased them to the next house and read them the definition. They said, "Thanks for YOUR definition of soliciting." I screamed back,"It's not mine, it is Merriam- Websters!"
That felt good.
Someone who writes a check for $100 to support something that they weren’t thinking about five minutes ago probably has poor decision-making skills.
I think that Florida's stand your ground law goes a bit too far, but oregon needs a shoot that mutha fuckin solicitor in the face law because that seems about right. Personally I would turn the hose on someone who did this to me.
IA, yes it is soliciting, and not just when you do it at my front door, but also when you do it outside of New Seasons, REI, Powell's, etc. Like Scaler911, and, I would argue, many Portlanders, I am reasonably well informed and donate to the causes I feel are worthy on my own time and of my own volition. Your job is not working on behalf of the public interest, your job is annoying the shit out of people.