Baby Handi Thwacking


Yawn. Get a life.
I hate kids too but this is a ridiculous complaint.
Totally valid complaint. A lot of small businesses that can't easily afford repairs have these mechanisms and I tend to see kids pound on these buttons more often than they actually try to push the door open themselves. Just like I see people repeatedly pound on the pedestrian crosswalk buttons with hundreds of pounds of force in a sad display of how tough they are. And I see kids at the library pound on the public computer keyboards as if they're trying to break one of their own toys, as they play their stupid video games. These things cost all of us more money as we share the costs of repairs and replacements. Try to teach your kids to be as gentle and respectful as possible. It's a good thing all around.
Arenit: No one said anything about hating kids before your typically retarded contribution. I bet they hate you too.
Maybe these kids have learning disabilities or spectrum disorder. OOH! Did you think of that? Did ya?
If this is the biggest problem in your life, you should feel pretty good about things.
@Chunty McHutchence: No, these kids aren't disabled. Most people aren't. Most of the disabled people out there don't need electronic assistance to open doors anyhow.

@IA: The worst part of this is that it takes an incredible amount of energy to power these, and people constantly abuse the button and run up bills for the small business owners.
opening doors manually is stupid, and soooo last millennium.
What are these buttons made of that you're worried a three-year-old will break them!?

If those buttons are in danger of breaking because of a few hundred "extra" pushes, then they were poorly designed in the first place, and they had no business being put on the exterior of a building.