Bad Driver(s)!


You have a small cock. Hahahahaha!!!!!
Why do they all SLOW DOWN when they are merging onto the freeway?!
Shut the fuck up.
Gee, racist much?
Shut your pie hole. The majority on both sides of the river suck at driving. But mostly, the infrastructure doesn't support the volume of cars you whiny bitch.
I hear you, IA. On two separate occasions Vantuky drivers have hit me. When the 'roid rager rear ended me on the Fremont bridge he got out of his truck and yelled at me for being in front of him. (?) When the girl on her cell phone hit my bike I got messed up pretty bad.

I have come to realize that driving from Vantuky to the People's Republic of Portland and back every day is what makes our neighbors to the north ass hats. I know if I had to jockey for pavement with a bunch of rednecks twice a day I would not be as wonderful as I am.

If you live in WA and work in Portland consider moving. With the time and money you save on your commute you can take a yoga class, or five. If you are not interested in being decent to your fellow humans stay in your own ghetto and stop fucking mine up. Slow down, pay attention, yield to pedestrians and bikes as required, and txt l8r!